dog policy

Meadow Croft Dog-Friendly Policy Review


Assistance Dogs Are Welcome


For the safety and hygiene of staff and visitors, we regret that from 1st March 2019, dogs will no longer be allowed inside Meadow Croft Garden Centre, this is with the exception of assistance dogs, which are still allowed within the centre (except for within the main restaurant building).
Meadow Croft has been a dog-friendly centre for many years and we have enjoyed seeing our friends of the furry kind when they come along to visit us with their humans.  So, it will be of little surprise to know that the decision has been a difficult one for us to come to.  We would like you to bear in mind that this decision was based on our duty of care to you, our customer and also to our team.

We feel it is our duty to keep our garden centre as hygienic and safe as possible and although we have done our best to clean up any accidents, we have found it to be impossible to spot all of them in time.

Unfortunately, we have noticed an big increase in doggy ‘parcels and
piddles’ being left around the centre and sprayed over products on lower shelves, which not only leave a stain and a smell, but on many occasions have contaminated products, resulting in them being unhygienic to pick up, undesirable and not something we would wish for you to purchase.

We do understand that this might be frustrating for some of our dog-owning customers and we have tried many different tactics to help resolve the issue before coming to this decision.  We will of course continue to review the situation and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and understanding in this matter.

If you have any concerns, please ask to speak to the Duty Manager.