Environmental Policy


Peat Free

Peat is a natural material found in marshy conditions such as Peatlands. Peatlands are one of the world's most important carbon stores - when they're drained, the carbon is released back into the atmosphere where it contributes to greenhouse gases and global warming, not forgetting that harvesting peat wipes out rare eco-systems.

Did you know? Over 95% of the UK’s Peatbogs have become degraded or destroyed.

We need to help save our Peatlands. To do this, the government has set the horticultural industry a target to become Peat Free by 2024 . We can confirm that Meadow Croft Garden Centre and WD Smith & Son are working towards this target.

We like to educate our customers so they can make informed choices regarding peat free compost.

Peat might be cheap – but it costs the earth!

We stock great compost and soil alternatives without using up those precious peat resources that we have left! We currently have a full range of branded Peat Free products available. 

Did you know? We are one of the first Garden Centres in England to sell our very own Peat Free Potting Compost!! 

Wholesale nurseries have been given the deadline of 2030 to stop using peat in production. W.D.Smith has made huge steps in beating that target and by the end of 2022 will be peat-free for all finished product grown for Meadow Croft.


FSC Policy 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. It was founded in 1993 in respond to public concerns about deforestation, and demand for a trustworthy wood-labelling scheme. 

Where possible, all of our wooden garden products have been sustainably sourced and hold FSC certification. If you would like more information, please speak to a member of staff.


Re-using Plastic Bags & Cardboard Boxes

We don’t hide the fact that we don’t like to use plastic bags so we have a selection of paper bags in various sizes in store.

Plastic carry trays are used again in our outdoor plants area, so for anyone who would like to use them, go ahead.

We recycle all cardboard boxes that are delivered to us by letting you use them to take home your purchases. You’ll find the big cardboard box bins behind the tills. Help yourselves!


Recycling & Waste

We recycle 99% of our waste. We recycle approximately 42050kg of total waste each year. 11440kg of that is cardboard. 2770kg is food. 1715kg is glass and 26125kg of general waste, including paper, polystyrene, and plastics.

All plastic pots and containers on our nursery (WD Smith & Son) are produced from recycled material and can be recycled again along with your curb side collection.

In our restaurant, Meadow Croft Kitchen, we offer takeaway options for coffee & cakes. These are all served in recyclable or biodegradable packaging.


Throughout the garden centre, we have changed all of our posters & signage to a polyester based plastic which is recyclable. The material is durable and waterproof designed for use in harsh conditions. The inks used in the printer are water and UV resistant, which last longer and reduce the amount of printing throughout the centre.


We believe in re-using as many materials and displays as possible. Our merchandising team do their best to reuse as many materials as possible within all of their displays. We have also recently relocated our Houseplant Department, and created a pergola display using upcycled pallets, recycled wooden beams, re-used wooden crates and would you believe an old coffee hut!  

To make sure this department is entirely recyclable and reuseable, for plant signage, we use chalk boards that can be wiped and reused and the hessian backing is completely biodegradable! 


Chemicals & Biological Control

In 2020, we stopped selling any weed killers made with glyphosate. Glyphosate has been recognised as a carcinogenic and has many negative impacts to health as well as disruption to soil & aquatic life.

We also offer plant food and bug, slug and weed killers that are organic and bee friendly. We are also agents of a biological control range.

Our nursery is an industry leader in the user of natural enemies (biological control) to control pests and diseases in glasshouse crops in the UK.


Plant Miles

Approximately 75% of the garden plants sold at Meadow Croft Garden Centre are grown on our nurseries just across the road. This means we only use approximately 130 delivery miles in a year for 75% of our plants.

Another 7.5% of plants are grown locally in Battlesbridge and 96% of our garden plants are English and grown within 100 miles of Meadow Croft.


Renewable Energy

Over 6.5 acres of our glasshouses are heated by biomass boilers. Biomass boilers are fuelled by a renewable energy source instead of traditional fossil fuels. We grow 80 acres of willow which gets cut back and turned into woodchip to burn our boilers. The willow grows back and is harvested every 3 years.

We have also replaced all lighting to LED to reduce energy loads.


Supporting Local

Throughout the Garden Centre we do our best to support local businesses.

Meadow Croft Kitchen sources food produce locally to lower their food miles. All the meat comes from Meatline in Maldon and all the fresh fruit and vegetables come from Jamie’s Fruit & Veg in Bicknacre - both of which are within 9 miles of Meadow Croft.

Many of our products within the Gift Shop are sourced locally. To give a few examples, in our chilled fridges, all the dairy products are sourced from Bradfield’s Dairy in Wickford and many of our alcoholic drinks are from local creators, such as Tapp’d Cocktails in Leigh on Sea and Oystermen Gin in Wivenhoe.


Irrigation and Heating

We use the water from our reservoir to irrigate many of the plants grown on our nursery.

All of our ventilation and heating on the nurseries is computer controlled, enabling us to reduce the heating requirements by holding heat in when required and only heating when it is called for.


Green Delivery Vehicles

Our nursery delivery lorries meet the strict Euro VI (NOx and PM) emissions standards.

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???????? Ceanothus In Bloom ????????⁠


Ceanothus looks beautiful this time of year. It’s a stunning sight, smothered in flowers in shades that range from powder blue to deep azure.⁠

Comes in many varieties, sizes and shapes. Very easy to look after if in good quality soil. ⁠

Amazing for the wildlife, especially bees ???? ⁠

It's common name is Californian Lilac. ⁠

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???? Croton ????⁠

Croton are beautiful house plants, grown for their bold and striking foliage. They’re also known as Joseph’s coat as their thick, oval, pointed leaves are splashed with many colours, including red, pink, burgundy, orange, yellow and green.⁠

Crotons need need plenty of bright light, a consistently warm spot and high humidity. They can take some direct sunshine but keep them away from direct midday sun. ⁠

Keep the soil moist at all times from spring to autumn. Use tepid water and make sure any excess has drained away. Water less in winter, allowing the top few centimetres of compost to dry out between watering.⁠

Mist the leaves daily with tepid water.⁠

Feed every two weeks with a balanced house plant fertiliser.⁠

Wipe the leaves occasionally with a damp cloth to remove dust.⁠

???? Brighten up your home or office, come and pick yours up from our Houseplant Department ⁠????⁠

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Alstroemeria (Peruvian lily) ????⁠

A popular garden border plant as it is hardy & easy to grow. ⁠
They look fantastic in a sunny border amongst other perennials and shrubs, especially roses. Also ideal for growing in pots. ⁠

The flowers are highly attractive to bees and pollinating insects. ????⁠

Once flowers have faded, rather than just cutting off the dead head, remove the whole stem by gently pulling it from the base of the clump – this stimulates new growth. ⁠

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World Bee Day ????⁠

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We've had a huge delivery of gorgeous Roses ????⁠

???? You can get roses in Tree, Bush, Shrub, Patio, Rambling and Climbing varieties. ⁠
???? You can plant a rose for all occasions.⁠
???? Perfect to give as a gift.⁠
???? Fill any outdoor space with colour and fragrance.⁠
???? Interesting for beneficial insects such as bees and hoverflies.⁠

Now is the right time to get your roses, just in time for them looking great!⁠

Come along and browse our beautiful rose garden at the back of our outdoor plant area. ⁠

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???????? The Queen's Platinum Jubilee ????????⁠

Get yourselves Jubilee ready with our lovely selection of Jubilee products. ⁠

Pick up some Fabulous Farmhouse Pickle, Classy Caramelised Onion Chutney or perhaps something sweet might take your fancy - Lush Lemon Curd, British Strawberry Jam and Marvellous Orange Marmalade. ⁠

Have tea with the Queen with our Luxury Tea Collection from the English Tea Shop or have the Best of British Elderflower Cordial. ⁠

Why not pick up some collectable memorabilia by Alison Gardiner? She has created an illustrated fine bone china mug to commemorate the day. Only 5000 are being sold worldwide, so it makes the perfect royal souvenir! ⁠

We've got everything you need to have the best Jubilee Afternoon Tea celebrations. ⁠

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???? Clematis - The Queen of Climbers ????⁠

Clematis produce masses of flowers in a wide variety of shapes and colours. With careful selection, it’s possible to enjoy their blooms throughout the year, and with plants suited to growing on walls and fences, up obelisks and pergolas, into trees, in containers and even in a mixed border, it is easy to see why these versatile plants are one of the most popular in gardens. ⁠

For those will little garden space, clematis provide a good way of maximising what is available and still bringing colour! ⁠

Whether it's a Spring flowering, Summer/Autumn flowering or Winter flowering variety you would like, we have hundreds in stock for you to choose from, so come along and choose your Queen of Climbers. ⁠

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Press Day at the Chelsea Flower Show! ????????⁠

Pictured is a stand in memory of our dear friend Peter Seabrook.⁠

We're delighted to have been able to provide a hanging basket full of Meadow Croft Grown Basket Plants ????⁠

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