Viola & Pansy Festival 2022

Saturday  12th March  - Sunday  20th  March  2022


Viola & Pansies are very important plants in our gardens. During the frosty months of winter and early spring, they are among the hardiest, longest flowering and most colourful plants we have. Violas are also uniquely able to fill that colour gap between our spring flowering plants and the summer bedding plants.

Meadow Croft has held Viola and Pansy Festival every March since 2004. It is the largest independent variety trial of these plants held in the world, with seed of new varieties supplied by plant breeders from around the world.

Each year new and experimental varieties are displayed for the first time. All the plants for the festival are grown by W.D Smith & Son, owners of Meadow Croft Garden Centre in their own glasshouses nearby, and then moved to the Garden Centre for the festival.

We are now coming into our nineteenth year and the past eighteen years have seen surprising changes in the cultivars on display, not just the new colours, or larger flowers, but very significant developments in the shape and habit of some new varieties.We now have plants that really do trail and spread, making them much more suitable for containers and hanging baskets. 

Each year visitors to the festival play an important part, by voting for their favourite varieties from amongst those displayed. Each voter receives a free hot drink in our restaurant, Meadow Croft Kitchen. The votes are later counted and the 'Top Ten' Festival Favourites published in the gardening and trade press. 

This year, our Viola & Pansy Festival is taking place from Saturday 12th March - Sunday 20th March.

New for 2022

As a horticultural garden centre, we are keen to get the younger generations interested in gardening and inspire them to grow their own. Over the two weekends, we will be giving out a FREE Meadow Croft Goody Bag for the children that come to the festival and vote for their favourites, as well as having entertainment such as face painting, live music, craft stalls, competitions and much more! 


Previous Pansy & Viola Winners 


Number Type Series  Variety
1st Viola Bel Viso  Pineapple Crush 
2nd Viola Bel Viso  Yellow Jump Up 
3rd Viola Sorbet  Tiger Eye 
4th Viola Deltini Copperfield
5th Viola Quicktime Mickey
6th Viola Rocky Orange with Purple Wing 
7th Viola Tiger Eye  Red
8th Viola Bel Viso  Lemon Rose Wing 
9th Viola Grandissimo  Berry Pie 
10th Viola Corina White Rose Wing


Image of Bel Viso Pineapple Crush



Number Type Series  Variety
1st Viola Admire Orange Purple Wing
2nd Viola Bunny Ears  
3rd Viola Floral Power Rose
4th Pansy Ruffles Soft Lavender
5th Viola Sorbet Phantom
6th Viola Rocky White with Rose Wing
7th Viola Admire Deep Purple Face
8th Viola Floral Power Orange Purple Wing
9th Viola Deltini  Honeybee
10th Pansy Ruffles Dark Heart


Number Type Series  Variety
1st Viola Four Seasons Lilac Rose
2nd Viola Bel Viso  Yellow Jump Up
3rd Viola Tiger Eye Yellow
4th Viola Floral Power Jolly Face
5th Viola Rocky White with Rose Wing
6th Viola Floral Power Blue Picotee
7th Viola Deltini Honeybee
8th Viola Rocky  Red with Yellow Face
9th Viola Admire Lavender Pink Face 
=10th Viola Sorbet XP Yellow Blue Jump Up
=10th Viola Floral Power Purple Tiger Eye
=10th Viola Endurio  Pink Shades


Number Type Series  Variety
1st Viola X Williamsiana Bunny Ears
2nd Viola Bel Viso  Orange Jump Up
3rd Viola Mystique Blue Whiskers
4th Viola Tiger Eye Red
5th Viola Rocky Mickey
6th Viola Sorbet XP Morpho
7th Viola Sorbet XP Yellow Pink Jump Up
8th Viola Sorbet XP Yellow Jump Up
9th Viola Bel Viso  White Jump Up
=10th Viola Sorbet XP Beaconsfield 
=10th Viola Deltini Honeybee


Number Type Series  Variety
1st Viola Tiger Eye Yellow
2nd Viola Deltini Rose Pink
3rd Viola Teardrops Pink Blush
4th Viola X Williamsiana  Bunny Ears
5th Viola Sorbet Pink Wing
6th Viola Floral Power Lilac Purple Wing
7th Viola Rocky  Peach Jump Up
8th Viola Deltini Honeybee
9th Viola Sorbet XP Pink Halo
10th Viola Admire White Purple Wing