Our German Market Evening Dates

Posted: 1 Oct 2023

Our German Market Evenings are back!! 

Due to the popularity, we will be holding even more German Market Evenings throughout October, November and December. 

We will be open until 8pm every Wednesday*, Thursday and Friday from 25th October until 8th December. 

Live Music will be on a Wednesday evening only. 

Meadow Croft Kitchen will be open for coffee and cake only from 4pm - 8pm on these evenings. 

No tickets needed - just come along! 

Our Bratwurst Hut and Chocolate Hut will be open for authentic German food & drink. 

If you prefer a quieter shopping experience, then our German Market is open daily during the normal garden centre opening hours so you can come along during the week instead!  


For a full list of dates, please see below: 

Wednesday 15th November - 9am - 8pm 

Thursday 16th November - 9am - 8pm 

Friday 17th November - 9am - 8pm 

Wednesday 22nd November - 9am - 8pm 

Thursday 23rd November - 9am - 8pm 

Friday 24th November - 9am - 8pm 

Wednesday 29th November - 9am - 8pm 

Thursday 30th November - 9am - 8pm 

Friday 1st December - 9am - 8pm 

Wednesday 6th December - 9am - 8pm 

Thursday 7th December - 9am - 8pm 

Friday 8th December - 9am - 8pm

Our German Market Evening Dates

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❤️Keep the plant wrapped for the journey home to protect it from the cold. ⁠

❤️Do not overwater or let the plant dry out. Consistent watering is the key to a healthy plant, using tepid water if possible. If the leaves turn yellow or fall off it is incorrectly watered. Only water when the plant is noticeably dry, lift the plant up and if it feels light it needs watering. Watering can be done from the top of the pot or by standing the pot in water for half an hour and then allowing to drain freely.⁠

❤️Poinsettias need warmth and light but must be kept away from draughts including open windows, fireplaces, open doorways etc. ⁠
Temperatures between 15-22 degrees are ideal and preferably placed in a light spot.⁠

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We only have 6 German Market evenings left!
We’re open tonight, tomorrow (30th) and Friday (1st) until 8pm!

Our final evenings are on the 6th, 7th & 8th December until 8pm.

Browse the German Market stalls
Our final German Market Late Nights are this week! ⁠

We're open until 8pm this evening, Thursday and Friday. ⁠

Come along with friends and family to enjoy a late night shopping experience, as well as German Sausages, Beer or Gluhwein!
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The Meadow Croft German Market hosts a Live Music Weekend! ⁠

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