Viola & Pansy Top 10 Festival Favourites 2024

Posted: 19 Mar 2024

Between 9th – 17th March this month, we celebrated our 21st Viola & Pansy Festival. 

We have held the Viola and Pansy Festival every March since 2004. It is the largest independent variety trial of these plants held in the world, with seed of new varieties supplied by plant breeders from around the world. We have had seeds from USA, UK, Holland, German, Japan and more! 

We are pleased to say that this years festival has been very successful with 2177 visitors voting for their festival favourites – It proves our Viola & Pansy Festival is an event that cannot be missed!

The votes are incredibly helpful to our plant breeders as they will know which varieties perform well during growing and then catch the public's eye in the garden centre. These votes can potentially decide which varieties get sold commercially! All the plants at the festival are either new, experimental or improved varieties. Each variety is a product of a process that can take about 7 years from discovering the variety testing and building up stock. The vast majority never make it to garden centre benches.

 The Top 10 festival favourites were:


    Series  Variety
1 Viola Sorbet XP Morpho
2 Viola Floral Power  Purple Pearls 
3 Viola Bel Viso  Orange Jump Up 
4 Viola Floral Power  Orange Red Wing 
5 Viola Floral Power  Yellow Beacon
6 Viola Deltini Rose Pink 
7 Viola Sorbet XP  Lemon Jump Up 
8 Viola Penny Pro  Blue Marina
9 Viola Deltini  Honeybee
10 Viola Bel Viso Pineapple Crush



Left to right: 1st Place Sorbet XP Morpho, 2nd Place Floral Power Purple Pearls & 3rd Place Bel Viso Orange Jump Up. 


These images are owned by the plant breeders.

Sorbet Xp Morpho : Ball Horticultural Company

Floral Power Purple Pearls : Takii Europe B.V.

Bel Viso Orange Jump Up: Syngenta Flowers


These results will be published in the gardening and trade press!


Come along to our Viola & Pansy Festival in 2025 – 8th March – 16th March 2025

Viola & Pansy Top 10 Festival Favourites 2024

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