National Children's Gardening Week

Posted: 26 May 2023

Things to do with the kids during National Children's Gardening Week. 

National Children's Gardening Week celebrates the fun that gardens hold for kids. Children love growing plants and love being involved in the garden but they’re often impatient, wanting to see instant results. National Children’s Gardening Week aims to capture children’s enthusiasm at a time when results are immediate. 


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We're giving away FREE activity booklets between 26th May - 4th June. Come and collect one for your children! 


Plant up a Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are an excellent way to add an extra dimension to your garden. They are suitable for even the smallest spaces. 


Create a wildlife home with the children

Building a bug hotel (also known as wildlife hotel) in your garden with the children can provide a safe hideaway for wildlife, make use of any garden waste, and offer the children plenty of learning opportunities. It is a great project for children to be involved in and learn more about their natural environment. 

A well built hotel can shelter anything from hedgehogs to toads, to solitary bees to bumblebees and ladybirds to woodlice. 

For more information on ‘How to build a bug hotel’, head over the RSPB’s website 



Share the excitement of growing your own! 

Growing your own is something that the children can get involved with. Gardening is a healthy, fun activity. Children can learn new skills, have fun, play, and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden tending plants and growing their own food. Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things, and watching plants grow.

Did you know? Growing fruits & vegetables with the family has proven to encourage young children to eat them in larger quantities.

If you’re new to growing vegetables, salad leaves are a great place to start. Crunchy fresh leaves with a fantastic range of textures and flavours, and easy to grow! Beetroot is an easy to grow option too. The seeds don’t need much encouragement to germinate and they require little maintenance. Courgettes and cucumbers are also a great choice, especially with children! Carrots are a fantastic crop to raise from seed, and popular amongst the children. 

Don’t forget, if you don’t want to grow everything from seed, you can always visit us here at Meadow Croft and we have a wide selection of vegetable plants that you just simply need to plant in your garden, feed and watch grow!  


Make a mini pond 

Did you know, that providing a pond is one of the most worthwhile and effective things you can do to encourage and care for wildlife in your ownback garden? A wildlife pond provides breeding habitat for toads, dragonflies and damselflies, a vital source of hydration for pollinators, insects and hedgehogs, and somewhere for diving beetles, water scorpions, pond skaters, newts and frogs to live.



Plant with Mr Men & Little Miss

Sow Mr Men Little Miss seeds with your kids - they'll love to watch them grow. These seed packets are brightly illustrated on both sides with easy to follow instructions and a fun interaction between Walter the Worm and the featured Mr Man/Little Miss character on the reverse. These seeds are a great way to introduce young children to gardening. Buy Mr Men™ Little Miss™ seeds for kids - Thompson & Morgan | Thompson &  Morgan








National Children's Gardening Week

With a beautiful weekend forecasted we asked the plant team to pick their favourite plant available right now, they felt it was like being asked to choose their favourite child…..but they did anyway!
Louise chose a hardy gerbera (but snuck in a Bella fuchsia as well when I wasn’t looking), Lorna chose a beautiful Lilac. Tam is obviously staying in with her amazing three stemmed orchid. Kaye, went for 2 hydrangeas and Elaine went big with her cercis tree.
They all look wonderful, and the plants don’t look bad either.
Homegrown 14” hanging baskets are now in stock!⁠

We have a wide selection of colour schemes for you to choose from, perfect for any garden. Both plants and baskets are grown and made at our nursery. ⁠

You can hang these in the garden from now, though be sure to secure them properly in windy weather!
Congratulations to our amazingly artistic winners of the Viola and Pansy Colouring Competition. We look forward to welcoming them back soon to spend their vouchers.
Touch me.......Smell me!

Our Award Winning Home Grown Scented Geraniums are now in stock, they may not look the most colourful plant, but give them a rub next time you pass and you will get an amazing selection of scents.
To attract attention to these amazing plants Jess from our nursery designed these beautiful perfume bottle labels and won an award at the HTA National Plant Show for her designs.
Wow, It looks like it isn't going to rain this weekend! Perfect time to get gardening.
Our nursery is incredibly busy producing plants for the whole country, but don't worry, we’re saving the best for you
Due to technical issues beyond our control, please note that this Sunday 14th April, Meadow Croft Kitchen will NOT be serving Sunday roasts. Our Sunday breakfast menu will be available until 11.30am as usual and then our normal weekday lunch menu will be served from 12pm-2.30pm. We will still have plenty of delicious dishes and treats for you to enjoy.
Thank you for your understanding.
MCK Team.
Milkshakes are officially back at The 10th Hole! ⛳⁠

Choose from Strawberry, Raspberry Ripple, Flake, Oreo, Biscoff, Chocolate, Vanilla and Espresso flavours while you putt your way around the course
Looking to give your plants a boost as the weather gets better? ⁠

Stop by the garden centre and pick up a box of @MiracleGro's all purpose plant food. Get 20% extra feed free! ⁠

Simply feed every two weeks from March to September using a feeder or watering can
Have you seen our new furniture department? Lynn and Simon love it so much that while the weather has been poor, they can be found relaxing in it. With the weather about to improve they’re going back out into their garden. Come and have a look around for some inspiration to create your outside living space.
#outdoorroom #outdoorliving #gardenfurniture #barbecue
It’s opening time at ‘The Meadows’ our in store local bottle shop.
New Hall wine, Essex gin and local beer all available now.

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